What Is A Sitz Bath? What Are Its Benefits?

As you are holding the baby for the very first time in your hands, it is very much important to learn about certain precautionary measures to give you and your baby with the health care. One of the first things that your doctor would probably be recommending you is to take the sitz bath.  It might be a new word for you but with the help of this blog post, you would be able to learn that what this sitz bath is all about and what benefits it does provide to you learn more at this website Charlies Magazines  sitz-bath


What To Know About Sitz Bath?

                Sitz bath is the form of the bath that is taken as after the birth of the baby. As you are done with the delivery, you would be involving yourself in the therapeutic form of the warm water bath. Most of the times, the doctor would even be suggesting you add it to some of the healing herbs too. Normally all the doctors do recommend the sitz bath to the women as they are done with their delivery process. In order to perform the sitz bath process, you have to arrange the bathtub. You can often make the use of basin for this purpose that is attached with all along with the toilet form of the seat. You will be positioning your hips straight into the water during the sitz bath.  This warm water would be giving your body with much of the relaxation as by means of the perineal pain or even the fissures.


Method To Take A Sitz Bath:

          In order to take sitz bath properly, it is important to follow up with some of the important steps as we did mention below:

Step no 1: In the very first step of the method, you will be filling the tub or the basin with some warm luke water. You can take about 4- 6 inches of the water that would be much enough for the sitz bath process.

Step no 2: You will be sitting in the bath in such a way that your hips would get merge up into the water. You need to make sure that the area as located between the vulva and the anus should be into the water completely.

Step no 3: You will be sitting in the warm water for about 20 minutes and then dry your body by using some piece of clothing.

Step no 4: As it would be possible that by sitting in just one position you will feel some dizziness. So you need to stand up very carefully in order to keep away from any sort of falls.

You can do the whole process of the sitz bath with the same repeated steps around 2-3 times in one day. It would be recommended that you should be making the use of the sitz bath as you are all done with the bowel movement. It would be much easy for you to make the use of basin in terms of better positioning as compared to the bathtub visit this site right here

We hope that this information about sitz bath would have helped the newly pregnant ladies a lot in order to learn about their health care after the delivery. To learn more about this procedure, get into consultation with your doctor or health expert right now!